You’re tired of knowing the path.
You want to BE the path.

You’re a transformational coach (counselor, healer, guide) who loves helping people live their best lives, whether in health, wealth, life or love.

Yet you know you’ve barely scratched the surface in what you’re here to do.

Maybe you’ve studied energy healing.

Or manifestation techniques.

Or shamanism, dreamwork, channeling, or Tarot.

But everything feels separate and you’re a wee bit nervous about coming out of the “woo-woo” closet in a BIG way. (It’s ok if your close friends know you do these things, but the whole world? Yikes!)

At the end of the day you’re left wondering how to integrate your gifts so you can become the effective and powerful leader you know you’re meant to be.

In the Dream Priestess™ Apprenticeship program…

You discover how to wield your power with the strength of a warrior and the grace of a goddess.

You walk in two worlds at once—spiritual and earthly—to see the deeper truth in every situation.

You peer into clients’ problems with x-ray vision to help heal them at their core.

And you know the depths of your soul and how to live the full expression of your purpose.

This is the way of the Dream Priestess.

Are you in?

What is a Dream Priestess™?

In Ancient Greece, a dream priestess was much more than a dream interpreter. She was one part priestess and one part physician, and she tended the Asklepian Temples where patrons received dream-inspired healing prescriptions.

The modern dream priestess builds upon that foundation, and adds to it ancient and contemporary practices that help you stand courageously in your spiritual power.

The dream priestess leads from her soul and helps other people do the same thing. She walks in two worlds at once–spiritual and earthly–to access soul level information for facilitating profound and lasting transformation with her clients.

The dream priestess illuminates, and aides in removing, obstacles that prevent her clients from getting the results they desire so they can instead live fully aligned with their greatest potential in life, love, health, and wealth.

As the creator of the modern day dream priestess program, I blend together my backgrounds in energy reading and shifting, shamanism, ritual and ceremony, empathic and psychic ways of knowing, dreamwork, imaginal work, creative expression, and nature experiences to create a path toward one purpose: to help you go from knowing the path to being and living the path.

You can use this work for your own life journey, or to powerfully help your clients, family, and colleagues have BIG breakthroughs in creating the life they desire.

When you enter this arena, you experience Spirit at play in every area of your life.

You know yourself like you’ve never known yourself before.

You give birth to your soul’s truest desires.

You experience the many layers of reality that happen simultaneously.

You stop hiding in the shadows and bravely stand in your power because you realize there is no reason to be afraid.

In effect, you live your magic out loud.

Welcome! I’m Amy Brucker

The Dream Priestess™ program was inspired by a series of dreams I had in 2007. In one dream, my ancestor and his Wampanog companion, Meeshkawa, implored me to heal the ancestors and bring back the ancient ways. They showed me apocalyptic visions and said that this is what would happen if people like me did not stand up.

Following this, I had a series of dreams involving Eagles and Condors. The ancient, Amazonian prophecy of the Eagle and Condor is that humanity once split in two, one half followed the path of the Eagle which represents North America, the mind, industry, and the masculine, and the Condor which represents South America, heart, intuition, and the feminine. It was said that there would eventually come a time for the potential of these two to reunite and create a new level of human consciousness. But it is not a guarantee. We cannot be passive. We must be proactive and purposeful.

The purpose of this unique Dream Priestess program is to inspire a union with the masculine and feminine, the mind and spirit, the intuition and industrial. Imagine what we can co-create with this soul-centered power.

This program is the difference between knowing the path and being the path

In the Dream Priestess™ Program, you won’t simply participate in transformative ritual, ceremony, healing, and dreamwork.

This program teaches you how to help other people have deep, soulful transformations that go beyond talk therapy, coaching, and healing.

This is embodied learning. You will be with a cohort of women, helping one another envision their dream life and career, and work toward making it a reality.

This program is an apprenticeship and mastermind rolled into one.

In the mastermind portion of this program, if you are building a business or working as a leader in a company, you will know your true purpose and exactly how to build it.

You will have a variety of resources at your disposal and you will be able to use them with skill and grace.

You will know how to:

  • Facilitate transformative dream constellations (this is my creation and it is POWERFUL!)
  • Perform rituals and ceremonies that integrate the right elements to be effective
  • Create protected, sacred space with crystals, energy grids, and various other modalities
  • Diagnose soul disease and create a remedy for healing
  • Conduct dream journeys and shamanic journeys to find information for practical application
  • Incubate dreams to proactively gather insight for making difficult decisions with relative ease
  • Engage in soul healing to help people recalibrate in the direction of their soul’s deepest desires
  • Offer intuitive (including empathic and psychic) readings to help people understand their core challenges and how to move beyond them
  • Use divination systems that are rooted in your indigenous tradition
  • Perform ancestral healings to remove the binds that hold people in fear
  • Understand when and how to use the imaginal realm to magnetize the right people and situations to you
  • Work with the seasons and moon phases to harness the power of nature
  • Use creative expression—song, art, dance, writing, drumming, music-making—to engage the heart and have fun
  • Become a master creatrix whose visions flow from imagination to manifestation

And you will use all of these things to help yourself and others call to them the health, wealth, life and love they desire.

The Retreats

The Dream Priestess™ Apprenticeship program is held in person, online, and via telecircle. The four in-person retreats, which are Monday through Friday, are in various private campgrounds. We will have the entire campground to ourselves or we will be in a secluded area. 


Have any questions? These may help you find clarity.

While I believe that there is a place for  men and women to learn together, this program is currently for women only. If you are a man and you are interested, please contact me and let me know. I would love to hear from you.

Yes, the program starts in March 2017 and ends in February 2018.

Yes, to the best of our ability.

Most likely on Tuesday or Wednesday, however this is subject to change.

Ask your dreams to show you.


This program is by invitation only.